Augusta Precious Metals IRA Company 2022 Review

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The Augusta Precious Metals IRA company is a family-owned gold and silver provider that has been operating since 2012. The service-focused company acts as a trusted resource for those who want to build wealth and diversify their retirement portfolio with a gold or silver IRA. Augusta Precious Metals works with their investors in opening self-directed, precious metals IRA and gold or silver purchases outside of a retirement account, with many positive customer reviews.

Augusta Precious Metals Review

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) advises portfolio diversification for retirement investors to manage risk. The Augusta Precious Metals company works alongside its investors on opening tax-advantaged retirement accounts funded with precious metals, better known as gold and silver IRA accounts.

– Lifetime customer support
– Simple setup
– Streamlined approach & competitive bullion pricing
– Must have at least $50,000 in savings

Investing in gold and other precious metals IRAs carry a risk. Consumers should be alert to claims that those investments can make a lot of money in these or any type of investment with little risk. You can lose money with any investment and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance results. As a Consumer, obtain a clear understanding of the fees associated with any investment before agreeing to invest.

How to Open an Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA

Here’s what you need to know before opening an account with Augusta. You will receive personal attention during a web conference where the company will discuss important information about the gold IRA process and fees, the economy in terms of inflation and reasons to buy gold, the industry, and warnings about other gold IRA companies’ high-pressure techniques.

Agusta Precious Metals IRA has an easy three-step process that a knowledgeable agent will guide you through entirely. The team at Augusta will assist their customers with making IRS-approved selections for their retirement account, from bullion to premium silver and gold coins in various weights. Gold and silver bullion bars are permitted as well.

These are the steps you will follow with the Augusta Precious Metals team:

  1. Open your self-directed IRA. Augusta recommends their preferred custodian, Equity Trust, because of their high level of integrity, compliance, and experience.
  2. Fund the account with a gold IRA rollover or a transfer from a bank account.
  3. Purchase eligible gold and silver for your IRA. Your precious metals get stored in a secure and insured facility.

Products offered by Augusta Precious Metals are gold and silver bullion coins, rounds, and bars in a wide range of weights as well as premium coins. The company also sells commemorative coins, certified coins, collector sets, and proofs.

Working with Augusta Precious Metals

Prices on both bullion and premium metals’ are locked in after the purchase is confirmed by phone. If prices drop in the 7 days of your purcase, the company will reprice your order at the lower price under their Augusta’s 7-Day Price Protection Program.

You can also receive up to 10 years of fee reimbursment to your IRA in premium silver coins when you open a gold IRA or make another purchase from the company. Those who purchase premium gold and silver for the first time can cancel their order within 7 days with no questions asked. All purchased after that, bullion orders included, are final as soon as the order is confirmed.

Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA Storage

Augusta Precious Metals will assist with sending your gold IRA invetments to their preferred secure, non-government storage facility, Delaware Depository. You also have the choice of selecting from didfferent facilities scattered across the United States. After your precious metals purchase is confirmed and finalaized, it will arrive at the facility within 7 to 10 days. Your precious metals will be safe and accessible to you.

Augusta Precious Metals Storage Facilities

Secure Storage LocationsFacility Security FeaturesAdditional Facility Details
– Los Angeles, California
– Salt Lake City, Utah
– Wilmington, Delaware
– New Castle, Delaware
– Dallas, Texas
– Las Vegas, Nevada
– Class 3 security vaults
– Cutting-edge security system
– Fortified building
– Strict access controls
– Strict inventory controls
– Compliant with all regulations
– Insured to $1 billion
– Facility creditors cannot access your investments
– Direct contact with knowledgeable staff
– Facilities are privately owned and are not associated with Augusta
– Facilities charge storage fees – usually $100 per year for any amount of precious metals
– Facility visits can be arranged to view, touch or withdraw your investments
(Note: As with any IRA, early withdrawal can result in taxes and penalties.)

For precious metals not held within your IRA, Augusta will ship them to your home or post office box anywhere in the United States. While storing gold and silver in your home is optional, it’s not a good idea. Augusta precious metals offers free fully insured domestic shipping and has never lost a package in transit.

Augusta Precious Metals Costs

Gold prices fluctuate daily based on several factors, like any other investment asset. Augusta Precious Metals will be able to give you information on current costs. Theit minuium invesmtnet is $50,000 to get started with buying gold or silver from Augusta Precious Metals, and there is no maximum investment without no maximum invesmtnet.

  • It costs just $50 to set up a gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals
  • Customers can expect two annual fees: a $100 custodian maintenance fee and a $100 storage fee.
  • If you buy gold or silver outside of an IRA, you can pay with a personal check or bank wire.

Augusta Precious Metals Complaints

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates Augusta Precious Metals A+. The Business Consumer Alliance awards Agusta Precious Metals with the highest rating of AAA for excellence. There’s only one product related complaint that has now been resolved. TrustLink gives the company a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, which includes reviews applauding the company’s top-notch service. Reviews from customers on Google gives the company a 4.9/5, 4.8 out of 5 stars review score on Facebook, and a Consumer Affairs’ rating of 5 out 5.

If you’re interested in Augusta Precious Metal’s internal culture, you can check out employee reviews on Glassdor, where the company is rated a 4.5 out of 5. Many of the employees working with the company expressed an appreciation for the structure provided in the company and respectful treatment on the job.

Augusta Precious Metals Q&A

  • What sets Augusta Precious Metals apart from other gold IRA companies?
    Augusta Precious Metals builds long-term relationships with customers by providing a personal agent dedicated to each account, a streamlined process supported by five departments, and account lifetime service. The company offers assistance from the first inquiry until the customer takes gold IRA distributions. Augusta Precious Metals also published several educational resources to help customers understand how precious metal investing works. Especially unique is their web conference designed by the company’s on-staff, Harvard-trained economist. Augusta is a member of the National Ethics Association.
  • How can I check my Augusta Precious Metals gold IRA performance?
    You can keep tabs on your account online at any time, and you will receive quarterly statements showing investment performance.
  • How can I make a withdrawal from my Augusta Precious Metals gold IRA?
    You can take a full or partial distribution from your gold IRA at any time. You may take the physical metals from the storage facility, or Augusta can wire you the cash value of the distribution. To avoid paying taxes and penalties on early withdrawals, take the Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) beginning at age 70-1/2. Augusta has an RMD Calculator on the website, but you should speak to a qualified tax professional regarding distributions.
  • Does Augusta Precious Metals charge any gold IRA account management fees?
    Since your IRA is self-directed, you’re managing the account, and there are no investment management fees. However, there will be a minimal account setup fee and annual custodial and storage fees associated with a gold IRA.
  • How much can I earn by investing in an Augusta Precious Metals gold IRA?
    While gold and silver have historically performed well, this investment can gain or lose value just like any other. There is no guaranteed return on a gold IRA. However, these investments can be part of a diversified portfolio as a hedge against inflation. 


Augusta Precious Metals is considered a leader in the gold IRA industry, with thousands of possitive ratings and hunders of 5 star consumer reviews online. The company will assist their customers through their unique one-on-one online web conference with usefull information about the gold IRA process, the industry, and warnings about potential high-pressure tactics from precious metals IRA companies. The friendly agents from the Augusta Precious Metals company will help customers throughout the entire process from the time they open a gold IRA account to taking retirement distributions.